Mittwoch, 4. September 2013



I couldn't really say why (still I really couldn't give a monkey's crap about finding an explanation for my U2 allergy) and ever since that first introduction to pop music I've searched and tried many sounds and acquired a penchant for many different –often rather difficult– musical styles, and still, I've never felt the need to review my contempt for U2, and further on, this big parenthesis must extend to the fact that during the early nineties, while running the god-blessed hallways of some art school, I met a Swedish guy who then became a close friend and who genuinely thought U2 was the greatest band on earth –and he was using this ridiculously exaggerated moniker way before the actual band started using it as their slogan, wherever they may have got it from, those douchies– and in the end it wasn't because they were anything else than, in the words of that loyal Swedish fan, "Very simple", as he considered the fact that their music was "So sincerely boring and simple that anyone can play it", some sort of... how to say it? –is it valid?– democratic approach?... and that was what made their music "So honest" and finally "So likeable", and anyway, although I may now understand his point (quite incontestable after all: U2 is a rather simple musical outfit –although not free of ostentation) then we had The Edge in his woolen hat, oh boy, "One of the greatest guitarist of all times", whatever that means, and maybe he has a loose wrist, if that is a plus, and I just don't know what the point is at all, and then they made "Numb" and, that was it, it became plain laughable, we sang that song with a hundred different lyrics, and maybe it was catchy, but we thought it was just silly, and meanwhile the whole world of the living surrendered to U2, and us, my weirdo music fiends and a humble servant started using U2, particularly the always annoying presence of Mr. Bono, why not, as kind of an insult: "Wash your face and go listen to some U2"... "Don't be such a Zooropa"... "Even better than the real thing"..., and now I started making it up, because it happened twenty years ago, but really, there was a time in my life when "Bono" meant nothing else than mockery towards the mainstream as a whole, and, let us face it, there was plenty of material available, and we've been bombarded with it for too many years, with "Lemon", "The Fly", "Rattle & Hum", "Achtung Baby!"... (oh and please don't forget to mention the 2000 live-from-Mexico album: "Hasta La Vista Baby") and it's all so very amusing, not.

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