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Waiting for Mac DeMarco II

„I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet—
But your kids are gonna love it!“

»Charming evening we're having.« »Unforgettable.« »And it's not over.« »Apparently not.« »It's only beginning.« »It's awful.« »Worse than the pantomime.« »The circus.« »The music-hall.« This talk is for thine ears: It's a fact that at some stage while touring the world and elsewhere, MacFly performed impromptu at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. Ending up playing that particular night, he would take over like a thunderstorm, serving something that really cooks. „What have I just heard?“, answered Zara Thustra,
„already did I stand prepared for the best dance: then didst thou slay my rapture with thy tones!“ That instant, Chamber Of Reflection struck the festivity like lightning —— Leaving it in disarray, provoking the phone-call that would lead Black Moth Super Rainbow to that new sound they had been looking for, hence turning into what has become Gold Splatter. 
Good songs want to re-echo well;
he who hath ears to hear, let him hear.
Thou old clock-bell, thou sweet lyre, how long, how far hath come unto me thy tone from the distance? „All right, this is an oldie... uh, well, it's an oldie where I come from.“
Must one clatter like kettledrums or penitential prayers?
Culture, they call their theft.
And from all hills there re-echoed, „All is empty, all is alike, all hath been!“ It is sad that novelty was old. How could anyone blame MacFly? For this man was simply eternally recurring. Must not whatever can run its course of all things, have already run along that lane? Must not whatever can happen of all things have already happened, resulted, and gone by? Must we not all have already existed? Thus sang Mac DeMarco: Spend some time away / Gettin' ready for the day / I'm born again
Time flows again already. „AGAIN, "CHAMBER OF REFLECTION' IS YOUR BEST SONG TO DATE“— Tyler, the Creator, the Fanboy #1 of The Monnan Cockasin who was spotted just recently discussing the touchy subject with DeMarco.
And the dreams and pratings of all periods were even realer than your awakeness! Zara Thustra however, stunned and strange, rose from her seat, looked around her, stood there astonished, inquired of her heart, bethought herself, and remained alone. „What did I hear?“, said she at last, slowly, „what happened unto me just now?“ But soon there came to her her recollection, and she took in at a glance all that had taken place between yesterday and today. »How time flies when one has fun!« »What do we do now?« »While waiting.« »While waiting.« »You're sure it was here?« »What?« »That we were to wait.« »He said by the tree.« »What is it?« »I don't know. A willow.« »Where are the leaves?« »It must be dead.« »No more weeping. Let's go.« »We can't.« »Why not?« »We're waiting for Godot.« »And if he doesn't come?« »We'll come back tomorrow.« »And then the day after tomorrow.« »Possibly.« »And so on.« »The point is« »Until he comes.«
Truth is: Godot could not jazz less about those two wankers sitting on that rock, waiting for waiting. Sounds heavy? Weight has nothing to do with it. Immediately thereupon, Zara Thustra, who had opened ears and eyes to this talk, rose from her hiding-place, advanced towards the wankers, and thus began: „I would believe only in a Godot that knows how to dance!“ « Thus spoke Zara Thustra. » pt. III
Back to the Future
Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett
Thus spoke Zarathustra, Friedrich Nietzsche

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