Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

My First Time with Jay Reatard...... IV/V

By King Khan
We watched a porn movie that was filmed entirely in heat sensitive UV. It was incredible. You could see how the blood rushed into body parts as they got hotter and the cum shot looked like an erupting volcano. I mesmerized Lemmy in a studio in Frankfurt ten years later describing this exact porn film, I still don’t know what it was called.

Despite his hatred for everything in Memphis, Jay loved it and was proud of all the scum.

And that was the beginning of what became a great brotherhood for life. 

Jay loved showing class and painted his face with pride when the Death Cult first rolled into Memphis, and he was by far the wildest of the bunch. All the times we shared after this were as insane as you probably have heard, lots of nudity, burning money, drugs and pure mayhem, but there is no need for me to get into all that cuz when i think of the Jay who lives permanently in my heart I see a big hearted lion who just loved to entertain us, sometimes shit got real out of hand but it was all a part of the fun.

The last day i spent with Jay was very different from the first time we met. We were playing a show together in Buenos Aires and had spent the night before in Sao Paolo getting utterly obliterated. We shared a cab to the Sao Paolo airport, we both hadnt slept the whole night. He was telling me about this Geto Boys song that he loved so much about a guy who kills his girlfriend, it was really scaring me how much he loved this song.

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