Dienstag, 14. Mai 2013

My First Time with Jay Reatard...... IV/V

By King Khan
We watched a porn movie that was filmed entirely in heat sensitive UV. It was incredible. You could see how the blood rushed into body parts as they got hotter and the cum shot looked like an erupting volcano. I mesmerized Lemmy in a studio in Frankfurt ten years later describing this exact porn film, I still don’t know what it was called.

Despite his hatred for everything in Memphis, Jay loved it and was proud of all the scum.

And that was the beginning of what became a great brotherhood for life. 

Jay loved showing class and painted his face with pride when the Death Cult first rolled into Memphis, and he was by far the wildest of the bunch. All the times we shared after this were as insane as you probably have heard, lots of nudity, burning money, drugs and pure mayhem, but there is no need for me to get into all that cuz when i think of the Jay who lives permanently in my heart I see a big hearted lion who just loved to entertain us, sometimes shit got real out of hand but it was all a part of the fun.

The last day i spent with Jay was very different from the first time we met. We were playing a show together in Buenos Aires and had spent the night before in Sao Paolo getting utterly obliterated. We shared a cab to the Sao Paolo airport, we both hadnt slept the whole night. He was telling me about this Geto Boys song that he loved so much about a guy who kills his girlfriend, it was really scaring me how much he loved this song.

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Questionnaire with Ocelote Rojo

what is your motivation for making music?
I'm pretty curious on how people interpret the songs. I think my main motivation is driven by that curiosity. Are people listening music just because they want, or they do that because they want to evade the reality we live? In some kind of way, I like making music that lets you disconnect from the world and makes you breathe a little cleaner air. That's a reason why I like traditional worl-music. I'm into a lot of music genres and always try to listen everything I can, but if I have to choose a specific kind of sound, I would choose world-music, why? Because it varies in every corner of the world; you will always find different rhythms, melodies, instruments and content in general. Listening traditional music helps you to learn about their history... it's not all about music, it's about cultures. Indirectly, that is one reason why I love hitchhiking and traveling to different places, doing that you can know the people and their histories, their traditions, which helps you to be a little bit more conscious of the world you are living in.

what drives you in / off music?
I love folk music, the "la nueva canción latinoamericana", trova, flamenco; also, classical music, tango, rumba, african music, jazz, among others. In general, my main inspiration is the nature, I always try to escape from this city and go to nice natural places. Here in Chile we have beautiful landscapes: a large and arid desert, big mountains, a long coastline, huge forests, volcanoes, glaciers, etc... I think that's the main inspiration for human beings! We all have to watch our main source of inspiration!  

please introduce your baby ocelote rojo!
My name is Francisco Javier Aravena Riveros and I'm a 26 year old law school graduate from Santiago, Chile. The little red ocelot was born in January 2010 when I was playing guitar in my room... It was a painless birth. The ocelot is a small and mysterious animal whose habitat is in America. In pre-hispanic cultures, It was associated with warriors, It was a symbol of courage. I associate it with my music project because I want my music to express a subconscious desire of fight against those who do not respect the pristine roots of their culture, against those who deny their inception and against those who do not respect the traditions and rights of native communities. Also, the ocelot is a symbol of unity, since, as an native animal, it is a common denominator in many latin american cultures.

would you care to explain the concept of pacarina?
I have a great respect and interest in native cultures. About the EP, you can find some of that interest in some songs, for example, “Kaykay Filu” refers to a mapuche myth explaining the origin of this community; it is a snake fight between good and evil. “H'ain”, was an ancient rite of male initiation of the peoples of Tierra del Fuego (Selk'nam or Onas). The name of the EP, “Pacarina”, comes from an ancient belief of peruvian pre-columbian people; pacarinas were caves and underground springs regarded as inception of this civilization.  

is this a bukowski reading you're using in tenochtitlan sunbeam gun?
Yeah! It's a Bukowski poem called “Dinosauria, We”. I used that poem because I love how he expressed his dissatisfaction with modern society and human attitude and because I wanted to spread that idea of unconformity. I really like reading, all kinds of literature, but my favorites are novels. Maybe my favorite writer is Dostoyevsky... I love the way he works the psychology of his characters.

any chilean love you would like to spread?
Music: Los Jaivas, Violeta Parra, Inti Illimani, Roberto Bravo, Claudio Arrau, Manuel García, Los Tres.
Literature: Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Nicanor Parra, Gonzalo Rojas, Pablo de Rokha, María Luisa Bombal.
Movies: Machuca (Andrés Wood), El Chacal de Nahueltoro (Miguel Littín), La Batalla de Chile (Patricio Guzmán), Coronación (Silvio Caiozzi), La ciudad de los fotógrafos (Sebastián Moreno).
Art: Roberto Matta, Claudio Bravo. 
what do you associate with;
innocence? Childhood. As we grow, we lose it... it's sad, you know, we should keep at least some of it. We live in a world where everyone is thinking that the other has bad intentions... that's not possible!
spirit? What gives us individuality. Sometimes our brain makes us aware of that individuality.
sacrifice? The correlative of success.
the written word? Analysis, interpretation, synthesis
thunder? A natural music instrument. I love noises; noises and silence! Both are good for making music.