Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017

lied zum sonntag: girls' game

"Eskimo children have innumerable games, some of them very ingenious. They have a native game with a little ball of sealskin; they play at imitating the grownups --- hunting, fishing, archery, "graves" (when they put stones around the body of a child lying down), family life (when they represent father, mother, and babies); they imitate the sounds of tools, like the saw and the drill; they act out folk tales about animals. One of the cleverest games involves putting the bones of animals together in their proper places. In the game in this recording two girls, about 15 years old, placed a kettle-resonator on the ground, bent down and whispered words into it. Their rhythmic aspirated breathing imitated tools they had heard at the Hudson's Bay trading post." >>>>>