Dienstag, 1. November 2016

Throbbing Gristle Questionnaire: Damo Suzuki (8/11)

Very early pressings of Throbbing Gristle's "Second Annual Report" (1977) came with an official questionnaire by Industrial Records, consisting of 39 (un-)related TG questions.

1. How did you first hear about T.G.? Not exciting···anyway I don't surprise anything any more.
2. Did you buy "Second Annual Report" L.P.? Why I should buy?
3. If so did you buy it from a record shop? If "Yes", which one? 
4. Did you buy the L.P. from I.R. mail order?
5. What equipment do you use to play records? Human Voice.
6. Is the equipment yours or do you share? If you share it, with whom do you share? Everyone has voice.
7. How much approximately do you spend on records each year? I won't buy anything.
8. What were the last 5 records you bought (apart from TG)? ————————
9. Would you say you were happy with the kind of music/sound currently commercially available? all those controled pieces fits not together with my life-style.
10. If NOT, state why not and what you'd like. Instant music I only like.
11. Have you seen TG live? Even I didn't know they exists.
12. If "Yes", where? How many times?
13. Do you regularly go to the cinema? No.
14. What was the last film you saw? The Ultimate Gift.
15. Do you regularly buy any newspapers/magazines? No
16. If "Yes", which ones?
17. Do you regularly listen to any particular radio show? No
18. If "Yes", which one(s)?
19. What was the last book you read? Kojiki, a Japanese ancient nobel
20. How long ago was it? Yesterday.
21. What is your occupation? (if student, please state place of education) Human Being.
22. What kind of school did ou go to? Mixed or single sex? Comprehensive/Grammar/Public? Highschool mixed sex.
23. Do you practice any religion? If so, what? The Bible. I don't belongs to church any organisation they won't work on Jesus Way!!
24. Do you live with your parents? I'm old enough
25. If you play the TG album or single, what time(s) of day and under what conditions do you play each? (e.g. night whilst drinking coffee, etc. I must be a sick.
26. Do you have any special skill? I don't need, life it's self is skill enough.
27. Do you have a regular girlfriend/boyfriend? Ask my girlfriend.
28. Do you have any pets? I live in small apartment, poor to have pets.
29. Have you ever been out of the U.K.? If "Yes", which countries have you visited, how often? I'm living in Germany. I go to UK often.
30. Do you have any definite political stance? If "Yes", what is it? Politic is just shit, won't help people who needs help.
31. What type of food do you eat most often? Home made healthy food using organic materials.
32. Do you use alcohol? What types? At the moment none - There is nothing to celebrate or disapointed.
33. Do you use tobacco? Not that much.
34. Are you engaged in any form of musical activity yourself? If so, what? Totaly, my life = music (creativity)
35. Are you engaged in any athletic/physical activity? If so, what?
36. If you were writing this questionaire, what other questions would you ask people? If you have a lot of suggestions add another sheet to this with them on it. I don't ask people. I like people who does his thing without matter of trends. The words people make has no real basis. I trust in people who do things without talking too much.
37. What is your greatest ambition? To be myself.
38. Do you have a very special obsession/fetish? Everydays living.
39. If "Yes", what is it?                         ↵

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