Sonntag, 16. März 2014

lied zum sonntag: we'll sing in the sunshine

In We'll Sing in the Sunshine I wrote about that "settle down fear" that
I think all performers feel.
It is a happy approach to
personal independence.
Gale Garnett

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

lied zum sonntag: cloudbusting

The song is about the very close relationship between psychologist & philosopher Wilhelm Reich and his young son, Peter, told from the point of view of the mature Peter. It describes the boy's memories of his life with Reich on their family farm, called Orgonon where the two spent time "cloudbusting", a rain-making process which involved pointing at the sky a machine designed and built by Reich, called a cloudbuster. The lyric further describes Wilhelm Reich's abrupt arrest and imprisonment, the pain of loss the young Peter felt, and his helplessness at being unable to protect his father. The song was inspired by Peter Reich's 1973 memoir, "A Book of Dreams", which Bush read and found deeply moving. ///