Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

lied zum sonntag: i am damo suzuki

Generous, valeric, Jehovah's Witness
Stands in Cologne Marktplatz
Drums come in
When the drums come in fast
Drums to shock, into brass evil

What have you got in that paper bag?
Is it a dose of Vitamin C?
Ain't got no time for Western medicine
I am Damo Suzuki

The fuck-up like red acid rain
Give it to me Daki every day
Who is Mr. Karlheinz Stockhausen?
Introduce me
I'm Damo Suzuki

Soundtracks, Soundtracks
Melched together, the lights
The lights above you

Listener was in cahoots with Fritz Lieber
And read him every day
Recipe for fear gas, amount of salt ash
I put by cup of meine freiheit, okay
I have no time for Western medicine
I am Damo Suzuki

May we go back to days pre-Virgin
Cannot get on clear vinyl
The handle that was brass, is now brass evil
The rock that was an egg, is in wrong cradle
The hand that cradles the rock, makes egg gooey
I am Damo Suzuki

Is this west latent pattern?
Run it, says Damo's spirit
Is this lesser European?
Speak it, says Damo's spirit

Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

My First Time with Jay Reatard...... V/V

By King Khan

When we arrived at the airport he bought me some water and a beer. We went to the bathroom where he threw up standing with the door of the toilet stall wide open, i was blowing my nose so hard it sounded like a trumpet and looked like an abortion had come out of my nostril. We were the only two guys in the bathroom and then in walks this old Brazilian man who must have been like 70 years old. He was in slow motion. When he opened the door he took one look at us, me with bloody slimeball in hand, and jay vomitting. He just turned around and left. We erupted into very loud maniacal laughter. We flew into Buenos Aires, checked into a luxurious hotel, and went swimming. We sat by the pool and talked about how great things had turned out for us. We went for a bite to eat and walked around the city for a few hours, he spoke of how he had made peace with his dad and was really stoked about that. We sat down and ate a nice meal and he got the check.

Later that night we played in a soccer club house for a strange party of people who may or may not have really got what we were doing, but whatever we had a shit load of fun. I saw him piss in some soccer trophy backstage, it was a real hoot.

I miss him everyday and I know that wherever he may be right now he is surrounded by all the legends that made us who we are. Jay Reatard was a real rock n roller, a true death cult champion and the first and only male lips that have ever touched my penis. There I said it.

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

lied zum sonntag: walls

"I wrote Walls a long time ago, when we were first starting out. I suppose it's about the mentality our generation gets caught up in. A generation that is clever, creative and able but often unmotivated to take the first step. If we can get passed that, if we can break past those walls, the possibilities are endless. On an individual level its about having someone, a partner or maybe even just a friend,that helps us with this." Nils O.