Mittwoch, 26. Dezember 2012

Also sprach Ralf Hütter :::

joar, wir können nich' so gut reden, deshalb machen wir
musik -- seitdem geben die beiden keine interviews mehr


Montag, 10. Dezember 2012

Vashti Bunyan on collaborating with :::

Animal Collective: They taught me a lot that I have never forgotten and I have enormous respect for the way they work.
Devendra Banhart: Adorable genius full of goodness and the best of badness.
Piano Magic: Glen Johnson has a wonderful mind and ear. I like his recordings of my voice best of all. 
Joanna Newsom: An elegant, dignified and brilliant musician who was generous enough to give me a morning in a studio. 

Kieran Evans: Hugely patient bundle of energy and ideas.