Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

lied zum sonntag: tödlicher unfall

this is an example for our physical release "DIE UNSICHTBARE LP"-BOXSET..: 
this is Track 03 from B-Side of "sechs"-LP (1986).  
 playing this simultaneously with Track 03 from B-Side of "UNSER DEBUT"-LP (1984), results in the Track "5. Tödlicher Unfall" from "DIE UNSICHTBARE LP".  
…this was the concept..: the music tracks on the two records were composed in such a way that by playing them simultaneously on two record players a new unity came about. Text, music and rhythm of the tracks of both records complemented, doubled and shifted one another when being played at the very same time. They merged. Set in motion on the record players, they started to communicate. This way a sculpture was made out of sound and time: the invisible record. 

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