Sonntag, 13. September 2015

lied zum sonntag: persian love

Persian Love was the first piece of music I created when I had just found my own way. After so many years being a bass player in CAN I was now in the situation to play guitar again. Deep in the night in my home studio I switched the multitrack machine on half speed and played the guitar in slow motion - playing back was then in normal speed. That's how I could manage to become a guitar player again. 

The drums and percussion had been recorded the same way which was no problem for Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit who was moving like a sloth. Only the singing couple from Persia (Iran) was an exception. I recorded them live from my short wave radio. However, the musical secret of My Persian Love cannot be explained so easy. How could a musician from far away synchronize himself to my guitar as if he was listening to it simultaneously? And would the music have sounded the same if he would have been alive there in my studio?

Sometimes it seems to be better when the musician cannot hear the other one during his recording.—— Holger Czukay

Sonntag, 6. September 2015

lied zum sonntag: The Hunt (G major)

It is time!
The horns are sounding!
The hunters in their hunting dress are mounted on their horses;
in early dawn the borzois are jumping.