Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2014

Thus spoke Brainbombs :::

We are nothing.
We don't exist.
We are born Brainbombs. 
In Sweden they hate us.
Or they haven't heard of us.
Sweden? What's that?
Doesn't exist.
We're not trying to get anything out of this.
We've never tried to.
It's a hobby.
Nowhere else either. 
We're making our own music, for us.
The only music we want.
The only way to get your own music is to do it yourself. 
They buy our singles, I know that.
They are such fucking idiots, who do that.
Americans, especially Californians have always been easy to fool,
so they are the easiest to fool.
If they saw us, they would... get an orgasm. 
Or get scared. 
Because we are real.
Benelux countries.
I don't know what this is about anymore.
Me neither.
I want to go home.

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