Freitag, 1. November 2013

Thus spoke Jandek :::

the cut that probably has the most impact on everything so far, the one that i thought had the best poetry and everything was i knew you would leave. it's just about someone that had left; the inevitable ebb and flow of people into your life. that word, the rocks crumble, is the whole thing: a rock, there was one thing, eventually crumbles, either by disintegration from age or water or a sledgehammer. eventually, it crumbles into sand on a sea, that's what happens to it. what was once a rock then goes kind of into sand and eventually evaporates into the air just like water does. and that is sort of what happens when somebody leaves: there's a presence and then they evaporate and they remain a big presence in your mind like big pieces of rock or something and then that sort of filters down and they're still there. what was once that rock is always going to be part of the universe, what was once that person is always going to be part of the psychic of your mind. you may dream about someone you knew when you were 7 years old, when you were 37 or 27 or 17 or something, and they're always there; or maybe when you're 89 right before you die, you may think of somebody that you knew when you were 10. they crumble and they disintegrate and they go but, they are still part of the universe somehow —— whether it's material or mental.
the rocks crumble
onto dust they die
once hard stuff of mountains
now soft powder among the sand

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