Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

lied zum sonntag: to find out

one member of the Keggs stated that he started the band so he could rationalize growing his hair long to his parents, AND so he could talk his dad into buying him a guitar. Damn lucky they gave the thumbs up, cauz the 2 songs they released on their only 45 ("To Find Out" on GRAVE 5 and "Girl" on GRAVE 6) are the 2 BEST garage punk songs EVER!!! The group was a 4-piece Detroit high school combo who were big fans of the Kinks, so they chose a short, catchy Kink-ish monicker. But they changed their name after each party they played because people hated them (which made their business-card printer a rich man!). Their strangest show was at an outdoor tennis court booked for dances every Thursday by the local Jaycees. The idea was for the bands to play and kids would pay to go inside the court an dance. But when the Keggs played NO ONE came onto the court. There they were, with 200 kids surrounding the high fence screaming and swearing at them for ruining their evening of fun and games. But the Keggs kept on playing to earn their money (40 dollars for two hours!) until someone pulled the power switch. Well, the kids that didn't dig 'em back then, and any of you SQUARES who don't dig 'em today can FUCK OFF! Cauz these guys are the FUCKIN BEST! Local competition was the Redcoats and the Keggs opened a show for Bob Seger's Last Heard at a club called the Cavern. They recorded their 2 GREAT songs in 4 hours at a small studio in a bad section of Detroit in July '67. Two weeks later they went to pick up their records and the studio was gone! During the famed Detroit race riots the place was burned down, but luckily they found the woman who ran the studio and she had a copy of the tape they made. So they pressed up only 75 copies for their friends and families but never actually released it
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